Frequently Asked Questions

The evidence is overwhelming. Country Estate Fencing is totally superior to all other conventional fencing materials. It is both cost effective and free from traditional maintenance. In exhaustive laboratory and field tests on farms and at residential homes nationwide, satisfied customers confirm the economical and durability claims we make.  All Country Estate Fence Products manufactured by Nebraska Plastics, Inc. conform to ASTM F964.

Country Estate Products are free from traditional maintenance. They are impervious to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and the wear and tear from time itself. You’ll never have to scrape or paint your fence again, unlike any wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence. From the day your Country Estate Fence is installed, all traditional fence maintenance halts.

PVC is an inert material that does not transmit pollutants into the ground or the air. The chemicals used to pressure treat wood fencing pollute the soil. Fumes from the paint applied to wood fences pollute the air. You do not have to cut down an oxygen producing tree to build a Country Estate Fence and with wood fencing, you may have to cut additional trees to replace and repair broken boards. Less fossil fuel is used to produce, install and maintain a Country Estate PVC fence than is used to grow a forest, protect it from insects, harvest and mill the trees into lumber, and paint and maintain a wood fence.

If recycling plastic materials is done wisely, it is a wonderful contribution to society. There are many disposable or semi-permanent items that utilize recycled materials appropriately. However, the quality of a “permanent” item such as Country Estate Fence should not be compromised. If the use of inferior materials causes a fence to be replaced before its time, the total fossil fuel fencing cost will be greater than the fossil fuels used in PVC fencing manufactured from pristine materials. Someday, when you no longer have a use for your Country Estate Fence, it may be dismantled and recycled.

A beautiful fence around your property enhances its value in many ways. It may provide privacy to your back yard or prevent uninvited guests to your swimming pool. You may simply desire a backdrop for your most beautiful flower gardens. Fencing gets all of those tasks done . . . with flair. If you decide to sell your residence, your Country Estate fence is ready to show, because it looks new all of the time.

Country Estate Fence is only sold through our network of Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealers.  Contact us by phone or email and we can give you the name and contact information for your local Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealer.

We do not sell our products directly from the factory.  They are only sold through our network of Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealers.  You can get pricing information from your local dealer.