Lakeview IIa HVHZ Fence

Lakeview IIa HVHZ fence line drawing
Standard Height Option:72"
Post Spacing Options:96" & 72" center-to-center
(Notice - Posts must be exactly centered to allow for expansion.)
Suggested Post Dimensions:72" High Fence = 5" x 5" x 108"
Standard Post Depth:
72" High Fence = 34" Depth
(Local conditions may require additional depth.)
Horizontal Dimensions:
2" Thick x 3 1/2" Wide (Top)

2" Thick x 7" Wide (Bottom)
Pickets (Verticals) Dimensions:1 1/2" Thick x 5 1/2" Wide

Approx. 1" Between Pickets
Ground Clearance:
(Grade variations will cause inconsistent ground clearance measurements.)
Aluminum Inserts:H-Bar (Top) - 96" Center Only
U-Bar (Bottom) - 96" Center Only
Bill of Materials may differ in some areas
Note:This style of fence is provided with the exclusive, preferential Country Estate
Doweling System for the top horizontal of each section to ensure lasting
durability in a high velocity hurricane zone.