Your fence...your way.

Colors, streaking, and embossing give you limitless possibilities.

Gray and white Lakeland Privacy fence

Choose Your Color
(or choose more than one)

All Country Estate products are available in white, almond, adobe, and gray.  You can even combine colors to create a custom look.

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White and almond Lakeview vinyl privacy fence picture
Almond streaked Lakeland double gate picture

Choose Streaking

A darker colored pigment is streaked through any of our four basic color choices.  The surface of the material is smooth, but it has a variegated, wood-grain appearance.

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Almond Streaked Lakeland vinyl fence picture

Choose Embossing

The surface of the product is embossed with a wood-grain pattern.  Because the surface is not smooth, it looks more like wood and reflects light less than than our smooth products do. 

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Adobe embossed Lakeland vinyl fence picture
Adobe streaked and embossed vinyl gate picture

Choose Streaking AND Embossing

You can both streak and emboss any of our four basic colors for the ultimate wood-grain look.

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Custom Sacramento Adobe streaked and embossed vinyl fence picture